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Allow Phabricator Current Application context of Advanced Search & always display a Global Advanced Search
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Aug 15 2021, 12:06 PM
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Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do):

Add a Phabricator - Global Advanced Search as well as a Current Application context aware - Advanced Search to phabricator-main-menu-search to offer a less confusing context switch for Advanced Searching depending on the Current Application (Manifest, Diffusion, etc.)

Use case(s) (describe the actual underlying problem which you want to solve, and not only a solution):

When clicking on Manifest - All tasks, the phabricator-main-menu-search offers context awareness of the "Current Application".
Each application indeed has an Advanced Search with it's various options available.
However this is never exposed under the phabricator-main-menu-search.

image.png (625×1 px, 109 KB)

The current Advanced Search element under Other Options seems to always point to a context of "Global Advanced Search" with URL
This Global Advanced Search could be an element always displayed.
And the application context aware Advanced Search given it's own placement just above.

See the following mock-up provided by me:

image.png (463×507 px, 20 KB)

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Thadguidry renamed this task from Allow Phabricator to filter by greater/less than a Year (or ideally a Date) to Allow Phabricator Advanced Search to filter by greater/less than a Year (or ideally a Date).Aug 15 2021, 12:07 PM

That is already possible.

I see the documentation, but it doesn't match the interface. I do not see a Date field as mentioned in the documentation. What else am I missing?

image.png (624×1 px, 45 KB)

image.png (729×1 px, 125 KB)

It looks like
phabricator-main-menu-search has a context bug (it doesn't correlate to the Manifest - Advanced Search) and instead only does Global Search always from this menu?

To help the team, I've mocked up perhaps a better menu representation that would always display a Global Advanced Search underneath the context of Current Application - Advanced Search? (Diffusion, Manifest, etc. as Current Application context, but always also displaying the Global Advanced Search)

image.png (463×507 px, 20 KB)

Thadguidry renamed this task from Allow Phabricator Advanced Search to filter by greater/less than a Year (or ideally a Date) to Allow Phabricator Current Application context of Advanced Search & always display a Global Advanced Search.Aug 15 2021, 4:49 PM
Thadguidry reopened this task as Open.

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Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Aug 15 2021, 7:14 PM

Thanks for the clarification. I assume:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search field in the upper right corner, press the dropdown.
  3. Select "Search > Current Application"
  4. Enter search term something.
  5. Press Enter

Expected outcome: is being used.
Actual outcome: is being used.

This sounds to me like a duplicate of upstream (which is a wontfix there).

Yes, that is the steps to reproduce. The general UX is that there's a context shift that the user didn't ask for yet and the users are not given any clue about it happening. It's a bad user experience and something that all the users in T10640 are experiencing and asking for the same thing. The flow of how to get to an Advanced Search for/from Manifests specifically is the core of the problem. Using the search field in the upper right corner is quite expected, and then users see the dropdown with the Advanced Search option...ultimately clicking it and leading down into the wrong hole.

(I was a previous UX designer in a past life)
The above proposal is 1 way to solve it, but also just giving Users a clear view of the various "Advanced Search" panels available (there's not just 1 Advanced Search panel as you well know) each slightly different for the different modes (types of documents) of Phabricator is what is missing.

Looking at this page , a user doesn't know the context...that of a Global Search.
A relabeling to "Global Advanced Search" on that page would help.
While also on that page, showing the other pages that do offer an Advanced Search, such as Manifests, etc. could be displayed as links, or simply be buttons just along the top edge, or shown on the left panel under SEARCH. Either areas have lots of empty space available to utilize.

Additionally, the Open Tasks page has 0 zero way to navigate to an Advanced Search... (completely non-nonsensical and a feature someone probably missed)
Clicking Edit Query button only shows the basic search fields, but no where does it have a button or link to change this to an Advanced Search.
That should not be offered by a toggle next to the blue Search button that toggles between "Basic/Advanced" and updates the form accordingly, since the context (Manifest, Document, etc.) isn't shown.
Since Phabricator clearly uses "contexts" through use of types such as Document, Tasks, then keeping the context(type) always shown to users when a Search Panel is displayed would help greatly, as well as giving them a new easy option to click and open the Advanced Search panel for that context(type).


Aklapper raised the priority of this task from Lowest to Low.Nov 4 2023, 10:04 PM