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ImageMap extension icon assumes a standard location
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Author: robchur

The little blue "information" icon for the ImageMap extension is loaded with a
path that assumes the extension is installed in mediawiki/extensions/ImageMap.
This doesn't work if the extension is being loaded from another location.

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michaeldaly wrote:

$descImg->setAttribute( 'src', "$wgScriptPath/extensions/ImageMap/desc-20.png" );

This is a particular problem is you set up one extension directory structure in
a "pool" wiki and share extensions across several wikis in a Wiki Family.

Perhaps the icon should be uploaded to the wiki's image/file repository and the
image defined equivalent to [[Image:desc-20.png]]. Then standard image
functions can be used to generate the path and filename.

michaeldaly wrote:

This seems to work for an icon that's in the wiki's image directories:

$descImgImage = Image::newFromName( 'desc-20.png' );
$descImg->setAttribute( 'src', $descImgImage->getURL());

The upload to the wikis image repository did not solve this bug, to be backwards
compatible we need still a fix.

For a propoposal to allow user-defined images see bug 9772.

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