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Deploy wmfmariadbpy 0.7.2
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A new release has been created:
Packages have been built, but not yet uploaded to apt.wm.o.

This is a very minor release, with changes confined to db-switchover.

debdeploy spec file:

  buster: 0.7.2+deb10u1
  stretch: 0.7.2+deb9u1
libraries: []
source: wmfmariadbpy
transitions: {}
update_type: tool


  • Upload 0.7.2 debs to apt.wm.o
  • Log that packages have been updated: !log uploaded wmfmariadbpy 0.7.2 to apt.wm.o
  • Log that deployment is starting: !log Deploying wmfmariadbpy 0.7.2 T289139
  • Update apt cache on all relevant hosts: sudo cumin C:wmfmariadbpy 'apt-get update'


  • sudo debdeploy deploy -u SPECFILE -Q 'cumin1001*'
  • Check that and db-replication-tree work correctly.

random db server (e.g. db2121)

  • sudo debdeploy deploy -u SPECFILE -Q 'db2121*'
  • Check that sudo -u nagios db-check-health succeeds

everything else:

  • sudo debdeploy deploy -u SPECFILE -Q 'C:wmfmariadbpy'