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[placeholder ticket] Blockers user group for ukwiki
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Hi. There's an ongoing discussion about adding a new Blockers user group to Ukrainian Wikipedia (for quicker prevention of vandalism). Ideally, we'd love to have a new technical right to only block non-autoconfirmed users and with block duration limit (say, 24 hrs). If there's a consensus on this group, would you add such right?

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Ah, was correct due to the new configuration setting that would be necessary.

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I deem it highly unlikely that a group like that would be added on a single community's request. We usually try to not bloat configuration settings to much, and your request could only be done by doing so or by adding one highly specific user permission which would not serve the potential needs of other communities.

Hello, as of today, it is technically impossible to restrict block length/target on the MediaWiki level. While it is certainly possible to add new rights to MediaWiki to that effect, it will need to be carefully planned and will likely need more effort (management and engineering) to get done. Part of this is caused by the need of universality -- individual projects may interpret level of trust differently, and projects with high requirements for autoconfirmed or unusual edit patterns (Wikidata) might dislike your definition of low-risk blocks.

What we can do is to assign the full block right to a new group. That's perfectly possible, and IIRC, some wikis did so. You can then create a bot automatically reviewing block actions in real time, and removing the block _and_ the flag on a violation. Would that work for your community?

What we can do is to assign the full block right to a new group.

That's what I expected. I'll let you know about community decision.

The new group was not supported by community.