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Deleted Wikidata items still returned by WQS
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

Try a WQS query looking for Q531659 and Q21504507 (where I noticed the problem).

What happens?

The query returns a lot of claims for those two items.

What should have happened instead?

The query should have found nothing, these two items have been deleted three days ago:,

(Note that when testing the query, once it returned just two rows with one wikibase:timestamp claim for each item; no idea if the result depends on the serving server from a cluster or what.)

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dcausse added a subscriber: dcausse.

Ran the script to remove deleted items on the production wdqs machines (these items should disappear from wdqs results in a couple of hours).
Checked that these deleted items do not show up on query-preview.

@Mormegil thanks for the report, I manually synced these items using a script. It is a workaround we use while we wait for the new updating system (testable on that is going live mid-october. Please do not use nor rely on wikibase:timestamp it is an artifact of the current system and is not part of the wikibase RDF.

Yep, the claims disappeared, thanks! The timestamps remain but I don’t care about those and if you say this is OK, no problem for me. (I guess this task can be closed as resolved?)