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Change language fallback chain for Asturian
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In Wikipedia in Asturian we want to remove Spanish as the fallback language, so the fallback chain goes from Asturian directly to English. The voting ended with 8 votes in favor and none against.

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When: not urgent, normal priority.

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Reedy renamed this task from Change language fallback chain for astwiki to Change language fallback chain for Asturian.Oct 7 2021, 5:51 PM

Hi, @Reedy and @Aklapper. I see this ticket hasn't changed for a whole year. What's the status of this ticket? Is there anything pending for the request to be done?
Thanks in advance.

@YoaR: Hi, it's as you described it: The status is that this ticket is open and nobody is working on it. Someone needs to volunteer and work on it (same for most open tickets). If you are interested in making this change, probably best to check - thanks,