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Staff group should have apihighlimits right
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The staff global group is commonly given to developers who work on MediaWiki and use it for various testing, debugging, or research activities. API limits often make those more annoying (e.g. when exporting pages into a test wiki) so the apihighlimits right should be included in that group. It's one of the most harmless permissions, it's just there to avoid clueless bot users from slowing down the API by doing lots of expensive requests, which presumably is not an issue with people in the Staff group.

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(Putting this into site requests for lack of a better component, but technically it is not a site request, it has to be done via the web interface.)

Stanglavine claimed this task.
Stanglavine subscribed.

I don't see any big issue here, so I added the right via web interface as a steward.

Belatedly T&S has no issues with this change.