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Massive data corruption on es.wiktionary
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Author: mgrojo

Any prev link on page
reports the follwing error embedded on the page

Warning [host=]: gzinflate(): data error in
/usr/local/apache/common-local/php-new/includes/Article.php on line 61.

The differences are not shown. the only link working is the prev of the current

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical



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zigger wrote:

Changed URL to one with a smaller character set and no sub-page: & seem ok.

Many compressed old text entries are corrupt on; it seems to be a side effect of a
botched latin-1 to UTF-8 conversion. Am trying to see if the corruption is reversible or if we have

The corruption is not reversible, as four byte values are not valid in the CP1252->UTF-8 conversion and
all are changed to the same output value. Will need to restore affected entries from backup.

I've retrieved what seems to be the pre-conversion database dump, and should be able to recover all
damaged data from it. In the meantime I've locked the wiki against further editing; should be back up
within a few hours.

I've recovered the affected revisions from backup, it looks ok.

Please let us know immediately if any further problems like this turn up!