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WDQS Data drift
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I'm following the advice to report this, found at

I ran a bot on Wikidata to change some qualifiers on taxon names from 'instance of' to 'has role'. The bot used this SPARQL query as a pywikibot generator to identify the items that required the change.

The query still returns the following rows, even though the bot changed the qualifiers days ago.

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William_Avery renamed this task from WQDS Data drift to WDQS Data drift.Nov 22 2021, 1:11 PM

@William_Avery thanks for the report this is very helpful.

I found almost all listed items in the "fetch failures" data set and these will be corrected once we have T279541 in place.
Remaining ones are:

  • Q3130156: still has the statement Hemiergis quadrilineatum using P31
  • Q5705943: is no longer returned by your query
  • Q14828500: still has the statement Acalolepta pseudotincturata using P31
  • Q21191097: still has the statement Forpus spengelli using P31

I'm closing as a duplicate of T294076 because the root cause is identical and will be solved by T279541.