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TOC title appears in wrong language
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Proposed patch: Pass mParserOptions->getUserLang() to Linker::tocList()

Steps to reproduce:

  • Log in
  • Set your user language to sth. different than the content language.
  • Make an edit to an article.
  • Log out
  • Note, that the toc title is shown in the language you have chosen above.

The parser cache gets corrupted, because Linker::tocList() uses wfMsgHtml for the toc title rather than using the language from ParserOptions.

The attached patch will fix the issue by adding a $lang parameter to Linker::tocList and using it from Parser::formatHeadings(). Note, that for trunk this will reintroduce the parser cache fragmentation, that has been tried to avoid by r79520 and follow-ups.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal




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Marking resolved, but noting parser cache problems in CR comments.

reopening since it hasn't been deployed yet. Need to remove deployment blocker or deploy to close.

Thanks for your patch, Paul. :)

Mah: it is only reintroduced for trunk. This is no blocker for deployment.