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Request increased quota for Data Engineering Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: data-engineering
Type of quota increase requested: instances, RAM and VCPUs
Reason: We have changed our team name from Analytics to Data Engineering and we would like to put all our services in Data Engineering moving forward, but its current quotas are prohibitively small.

Data Engineering: 6 instances, 18GB memory 12VCPUs
Analytics: 24 instances, 100GBmemory, 56 VCPUs

image.png (886×2 px, 282 KB)

Ideally Data Engineering would scale up to match Analytics. We can do so gradually, removing instances and then memory quota from Analytics before adding it to Data Engineering, if necessary.

For easy reference, here are the services currently running on Analytics:

image.png (1×2 px, 375 KB)

None of them have useful persistent data, so the worst that would happen by taking anything down would be temporary inconvenience.

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This sounds fine. Can you plan to follow up on equivalent reductions of usage within the Analytics project? And/or should I put a date on my calendar to shut the old project down

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Data Engineering project now has the same resources as analytics. I agree with Andrew to please try and wind down the old project and then let's plan to remove and reclaim those resources. Thanks!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-02-08T20:16:33Z] <balloons> set --cores 56 --ram 103000 --instances 24 T300753