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Outreachy round 24 - Add support for tracking specific namespaces to Programs & Events Dashboard
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Programs & Events Dashboard is a complex web app for keeping track of contributions to Wikimedia projects. It's widely used by the global Wikimedia community for edit-a-thons, classroom wiki writing assignments, and a variety of other initiatives.

The goal of this project is to improve the system's flexibility by adding support for program organizers to specify which namespaces they want to count statistics for.

Possible tasks include:

  • Designing and implementing a UI for selecting which namespaces to track
  • Updating event statistics update process to account for namespace settings

Technology & skills

The Dashboard is primarily built with the React JavaScript framework (for the frontend), and Ruby on Rails (for the backend). It will require knowledge of JavaScript, and either knowledge of Ruby or a strong interest in learning Ruby.


Getting started

To explore this project, you'll want to begin by setting up a development environment:

Email sage @ to request an invitation to the project's Slack, where you can ask questions and get help with setting up a dev environment.

You can also browse the 'newcomer friendly' issues for the Dashboard, which can make good first tasks:

Event Timeline

@Ragesoss Also, upload the project on the Outreachy site whenever you feel ready, and I will then approve. Thank you!

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To mentors monitoring this task - could you ensure all relevant project updates get added to If there isn't anything remaining to be resolved, please close this Phabricator task. Move any pending items to a separate task.