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"Your Changes" box should be read-only
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When running into an edit conflict, the "your changes" box at the bottom which shows the version you submitted and got rejected is editable, making it easy for users to mistake it for the edit box, copy the conflicted change in and save, only for them to realize their changes were not applied.

If the box is made read-only, this would be far less likely to happen.

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horcheram wrote:

Test case

To create an edit conflict to test for this bug, open a wiki article in one window of the browser. Choose edit for the page and start editing.

Open the same article in another window of the browser. Choose edit for the page and start editing. Hit Save Changes in the second window.

The original window open will trigger an edit conflict.


Created attachment 8536
Patch to make "your text" textareas read-only

Patch against r88116. The "Your text" box shows up if $wgSpamRegex is triggered or if a user hits an edit conflict (showTextbox2 function in includes/EditPage.php). In either case, there's no input mechanism, so <textarea readonly=""> makes sense.


Fixed in r88122. Thank you for the patch!

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