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Add "enable all Narayam inputs" toggle to user settings
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I suggest an "enable full Narayam everywhere" toggle to the user preferences.

This should be helpful:

  • for true multilingual wikis
  • for users contributing in a language or script foreign to the wiki *
  • for developers wanting to test new IME
  • for Scripts being used for many languages, such as Cyrillic, or Latin
  • a writer, e.g. adding native names of persons or places in various

Wikipedias would be a typical beneficiary of this setting, since Narayam would not be activated unless the user language was among the ones that Narayam knows as its target languages. Even though designed with them in the focus, Narayam can be helpful otherwise, too. Having to constantly switch ones language setting when supplying data in several scripts would possibly be too tedious.

I am going to give implementing this a try. If you know of potential obstacles - I would ot expect any - please let me know, best by commenting here. Thanks.

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junu.pv+public wrote:

Better to present list of available schemes by clicking some button/link. Then dynamically load selected ones.

Purodha, Did you start on this? If not I would like to take up this. Please let us know.