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Integrate WMCH privacy policy in DicoAdo
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We have 12 to integrate this privacy policy in

"12" what?

We have 11 to integrate that privacy policy in

OK but "11" what?

We have 10 to integrate that privacy policy in

OK OK understood.


The suggested way to do it is editing the MediaWiki:Privacypage system message but surely there is a better way to add such link in the footer.

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valerio.bozzolan triaged this task as High priority.

Why not include it in the existing page pointed by Mediawiki:Privacypage ?

The one called Dico:Contributeurs? Yep it's nice too. Maybe the title is a bit misleading at the moment.


Just a question. Is there the somewhere in that page? I'm not able to find it.

I'm not sure to understand. Should I simply link the privacy page from WMCH somewhere in this page ?

I think in that page we should add at least something like:

Visiting the website you also accept the privacy policy of the hosting provider:

(In French of course)

(Not needed in every page of the website - just somewhere in the already-linked policy page is enough I think)