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Cookie block exception option for hard IP blocks
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When an IP address is blocked with the option to include logged-in users (e.g. hardblocked), the block includes a cookie block.

The most common case where this comes up is when a user is using an open proxy (many of these IP addresses are hardblocked), and then forgets to turn it off. They often realize it after attempting to edit, and once they turn it off, they find that they are still blocked.

The block message will only include an IP range that the user is likely no longer using. This makes troubleshooting on the user's end complicated - and makes helping the user more difficult.

Yes, it is possible to set $wgCookieSetOnAutoblock to prevent cookie blocks wholesale, but they are generally useful for other usecases.

It would be very helpful to have the option to exempt hard IP blocks from triggering cookie blocks at the time that the block is made/modified.

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I have assisted some users affected by proxy rangeblocks where they cited a message about a given range, and they would swear their current IP as shown in was in a different range. I used to think they were somehow wrong, but I guess they could have been affected by this issue. Quantifying the issue would require help from CUs or SREs though...

If I understand cookie blocks properly, they should be excluded from all or most proxy/VPN/webhost blocks.