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"Back to top" functionality
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It is common for long pages to have a "back to top" button somewhere. Since articles are usually long, having a "back to top" shortcut would be convenient.

Maybe something like "click the sticky header brings you back to top" (like touching the status bar brings user back to page top in iOS), or utilizing the white space under the sticky TOC, or a floating button somewhere in the corner?

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Aklapper changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".May 2 2022, 10:40 AM

@MilkyDefer: Thanks for reporting this. For future reference, please use the feature request form (linked from the top of the task creation page) to create feature requests, and fill in the sections in the template. Thanks!

On which website (full URL)? On which system (mobile, desktop)? Please provide more information about the underlying problem to solve - thanks!

What I mean in this ticket is to incorporate the function of existing gadgets (see included screenshots) into the new vector interface. A "jump to top/bottom" is already available at variable places (such as [[en:WP:DYKN]] and literally every page in zhwiki) as external gadgets. And I think it will be handy if the new vector skin has this capability out of the box.

This is a general idea, not restricted to some specific page or specific browser.

Screenshot of en:WP:DYKN

Screenshot 2022-05-02 200245.png (902×1 px, 217 KB)

Screenshot of an article in zhwiki (Moon)

Screenshot 2022-05-02 200618.png (901×1 px, 536 KB)

I could understand if this was about devices without a keyboard with pageUp and pageDown keys. Thus my question for devices and browsers.
I'm not convinced why "general ideas" should be shown to everyone all of the time making the interface more cluttered than it already is.

Need to think about the compatibility with other gadgets like cat-a-lot.

image.png (131×279 px, 3 KB)