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CentralAuth reporting the wrong account creation times
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Interesting discrepancy in Special:CentralAuth/RobLa, which claims that "User:RobLa" was created in 2008:

Global account information

Username: RobLa
Registered: 00:05, April 24, 2008 (14 years ago)
Total edit count: 6,638
Number of attached accounts: 254

However, I recall creating the account much earlier. I don't remember exactly when I created my account, but according to other sources, this was my first change on English Wikipedia: oldid=388850940 (one of the first recorded changes to the "Electoral system" article on enwiki, which appears to be in October 2001 (which is over 20 years ago as of this writing, which seems more-or-less correct). As I recall, I had "User:RobLa" on my namebadge at Wikimania 2006 as well.

Event Timeline

I think that is intended as in that it is showing the creation of the global account, not the creation of the earliest local account. CentralAuth was enabled for sysops in April 2008, so I don't think there are any accounts with an earlier registered date than that.