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Create JSON schemas from Web2Cit Core TypeScript types
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Most information in TypeScript types is duplicated in JSON schemas.

Consider implementing a mechanism to keep both in sync.

Note that JSON schemas may no longer be necessary once we have our Web2Cit-Editor (because users won't need to use the JSON-editor then).

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diegodlh added a project: Web2Cit-Server.

Reopening, as generating the schemas from type definitions should be a related but separate task from generating and translating schemas on the fly from the Web2Cit-Server.

diegodlh renamed this task from Keep JSON schemas and TypeScript types in sync to Create JSON schemas from Web2Cit Core TypeScript types.Sep 22 2022, 4:39 PM

Alternatively, TypeScript types may be generated from base JSON schemas, from which more user-friendly JSON-editor-ready JSON schemas are generated on the server.