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IP Check / IP Info extension can't check all vandals
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It is only possible to check IPs that have made an edit that was not prevented by a filter or spamblacklist.

Checking IP addresses that have run into a filter is also important, this should definitely be changed.

I can't check this Spambot with the tool.

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WikiBayer renamed this task from IP Check / IP Info extension to IP Check / IP Info extension can't check all vandals.May 26 2022, 6:52 PM

@WikiBayer IPInfo works on the special pages it is explicitly enabled on. It sounds like we want IPInfo to be enabled for so we can check the IPs that hit the filters, correct?

@Niharika It should be possible to check all IPs that were active in some way. No matter if this was a logbook entry or an edit that was deleted.

Addition to above

I can't check this IP after massdeletion of the created pages

@WikiBayer I understand. However the way the extension is built and the interface is designed, at the moment, it only works for IP addresses that are tied to a log entry. We will have to rethink the design to some extent in order to ensure all IPs, anywhere, can show IP Information. We have received this request multiple times and will be looking into it.
A short term solution would be to enable IP Info on more special pages. Here is a tracking task for that: T263637: Determine on which pages IPInfo should be available