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* Certificate has expired (June 2022 edition)
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Much like T306492: * Certificate has expired (April 2022 edition), visiting gives you a SSL cert expiry warning.

Looking at deployment-cache-text07, I note puppet is disabled:

deployment-cache-text07 is a text Varnish/ATS cache server (cache::text)
The last Puppet run was at Fri Jun 17 17:04:05 UTC 2022 (2479 minutes ago). Puppet is disabled. experiment - ori
Last puppet commit: (937e9911ed1) root - deployment-prep: add keyholder agent for scap

but I don't know enough about acme-chief etc. to guess if that'd be an issue..

Well the years expiries start coming and they don't stop coming

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I created deployment-cache-text07 as a quick way of testing a change (and deleted it now). The Varnish host is still deployment-cache-text06.

I ran the command from T306492#7868828 on deployment-cache-text06 and deployment-cache-upload06:

touch /srv/trafficserver/tls/etc/ssl_multicert.config && systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service

Seems to have fixed it.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2022-06-20T15:50:57Z] <ori> On deployment-cache-{text,upload}06, ran: touch /srv/trafficserver/tls/etc/ssl_multicert.config && systemctl reload trafficserver-tls.service (T310957)

TheresNoTime assigned this task to ori.

Thanks @ori! ✨