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Automatic edit summaries: include templates added when creating a redirect
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Author: fridaesdoom

I was asked to post at the Technical Village Pump on enwiki then here about whether it'd be feasible to include redirect categorisation templates added, if any at the edit of the AES for redirection? Eg. Redirected page to X: "{{r to section}}" for example.


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It would be fairly easy to make it an option (aka $2 in [[mediawiki:autoredircomment]] ) be the first 200 characters of the article.

For example, the autosummary for [[150_meters]] could be "←Redirected page to Sprint (running) [#REDIRECT [[Sprint (running)#Uncommon distances]] {{R to section}}]"

However, it'd be rather difficult to get only the template. Would having the first 200 characters of the redirect page be an acceptable solution?

fridaesdoom wrote:

Yes that'd be fine.

Done in r91414 (In MediaWiki 1.19, which won't be available on Wikipedia for a little while yet)