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Coordinate the 2022 Wikimania Hackathon
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Define timeline and project plan

  • Clarify timeline and integration in Wikimania program and platform
  • Define project plan including main deliverables and weekly tasks

Implement the event

Education and Community: Technical contributors have opportunities to share knowledge and connect socially.

  • Present clear resources for individual newcomers (and newish-comers) so they can find the information they need to build what they want.
  • Coordinate community-run sessions and informal social spaces for people to share technical knowledge.
  • Coordinate community-run social sessions and spaces with fun activities.

Inclusion: Growing communities of technical contributors can find support and feel welcome at the Wikimania Hackathon.

  • Engage with local meetup and affinity meetup organizers from the Wikimedia Hackathon.
  • Ensure that the accessible platform and accommodations are advertised widely.

Projects and Innovation: Technical contributors have opportunities to work together and to share outcomes with Wikimania attendees.

  • Organize the pre-event showcase to help people connect with projects and people. This will include explicit instructions to use Phabricator and come back for the final showcase.
  • Design an accessible and useful platform space for people to collaborate in.
  • Provide Wikimania attendees an opportunity to learn about the hackathon projects at the final showcase.

Event Timeline