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[REQUEST] Number of articles (main namespace) in Swedish Wikipedia over time
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Name for main point of contact and contact preference:
Vidhu Goyal, prefer follow-up over email

What teams or departments is this for?
Communications team

What are your goals? How will you use this data or analysis?
We are responding to a media enquiry for a Swedish newspaper who is doing a round-up (positive) story on the LSJBot and how Wikipedia volunteers worked around the clean-up of its article based on verifiability, etc. And how has the foundation used the bot so far for its testing.

What are the details of your request? Include relevant timelines or deadlines
What I would love to get is a graph that would show the number of articles (main namespace) in Swedish Wikipedia over time. Failing that, the number of created articles and the number of deleted articles (main namespace) over time. I thought this would be simple. It has turned out not to be. If you have any help to offer, it would be most appreciated, and could help make sure the story actually gets published – the editor is a bit concerned about how to illustrate it, and a nice graph would help.

Is this request urgent or time sensitive?

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I have a feeling we might be blocked by this task T313955

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Looks like Johan is already in conversation with Data Engineering about getting the stats fixed