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Generate 75 invite codes
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We want to invite the people on the waiting list to, and should have the invite codes ready to go.


  • 75 invite codes are generated and sent to Mohammed

Suggested implementation from refinement:

  • Adjust the command which generates new invites codes so that if no argument is provided one is randomly generated and returned to runner
  • The entropy of the invites codes should be sufficient that it's not possible to reasonably guess them
  • The invite codes shouldn't be excessively long or prone to typographical errors.

Existing command is at

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toan added a subscriber: toan.

looks good to me, I changed the invite code prefix from wbstack- to wbcloud-, the format for bulk invite codes now looks like this: wbcloud-0123-4567

deployed and generated 75 codes!

These will be distributed next week \o/

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for completeness:

All 75 codes have been sent.