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"MediaWiki:Qbsettings-directionality" should refer to script, not language, directionality.
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MediaWiki:Qbsettings-directionality ("Fixed, depending on
the directionality of your language") should refer to script,
not language, directionality, because directionality comes
with the script, not the language. There are few languages
being written in multiple scripts, about 3 of which we support
that offer a choice of scripts of different directionality.
At least 3 more will become available with the upcoming
support of top-to-bottom scripts in browsers.

I am not amending the message rightaway, so as to possibly get
feedback, since for the vast majority of users and languages,
there is only 1 script per language, and thus directionality is
a function of their language for them, while they are likely
not aware of the fact, that this is indirect. Also, users
except those choosing one of the few abovementioned languages
at least once in a while, do not actively choose a script, they
rather select a language.

Therefore, my proposal:

"Fixed, matching the directionality of your script and language"

If there are no objections, I am making this change in a few days.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: major