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"My contribs" in eo:s redirects to no existing page in old wikisource
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Author: arno.raymond.lagrange

From s:eo -recently created from OldWikiSource- clicking "My contributions"ĵo:Kontribuoj/ArnoLagrange or redirects to not existingĵo:Kontribuoj/ArnoLagrange.
An other user reports same bug with MyWatchlist. A third one with Main Page. See

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Severity: normal



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Other weirdness, in addition to being a redirect, they're served with a header of Content-Type text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 (I would expect the charset to be utf-8)

I noticed there's some commented out rules in the apache config redirecting eo.wikisource to Perhaps the file wasn't properly synched to all apaches and then the redirect got caught in squid (The redirecting urls have HIT in the cache lookup headers).

The response body of the redirect looks like the type of response body that apache gives for 301's (you know, the HTML 2.0 dtd), and that'd also explain the iso 8859-1 charset. Typically redirects generated by mediawiki don't have a respone body, and still use utf-8 as the charset in the content-type header.

Possibly need to force cache clear of all URLs from if that's possible... tagging for ops.

arno.raymond.lagrange wrote:

Seems to be fixed now