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Recommended solution for Terraform state backend
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Provide a recommended solution for a Terraform remote state backend for WMCS usage.

This might be blocked on providing an object storage service on WMCS (T276961?).

Looks like earlier Terraform versions included an OpenStack Swift backend but that's been removed in 1.3. GitLab has a built-in state storage service too.

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Two other options for storing the tfstate files could be Postgres and Kubernetes secrets. Both are natively supported by Terraform and also support state locking, which is nice when multiple people are working on the same resources.

On 2023-08-10 Hashicorp announced their intent to re-license Terraform and other products under the non-OSI approved Business Source License. I believe this change should cause a general re-evaluation of WMCS efforts to support or use their tool.

+1 to that. I'm very disappointed by Hashicorp's actions. There's at least one truly open-source fork of Terraform , but it may be wise to let the dust settle before committing more resources.

The new object storage service seems to work fine with Terraform 1.5.x. Once we have documentation for using the object storage in general I'll write some docs on how to use it with Terraform specifically.