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Run Wikimedia tech swag program 2023
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For Q2 (Oct-Dec 2022) explore:

For Q3 (Jan-Mar 2023):

  • Finalize the designs for the tech-themed swag
  • Work on contract approval

For Q4 (Apr-Jun 2023):

  • Place production order
  • Notify individuals to be awarded swag when it is ready to be claimed
  • Send reminders to individuals to claim swag
  • Obtain invoice from Kotis and ensure payment is made

Event Timeline

In a recent kick-off meeting with WMF's swag vendor, Kotis Design, we discussed the following:

  • Could you share an estimate of overall costs involved?
    • Yes, once the items + design details are determined, we can provide an all-in estimate of total costs.
  • What would be the additional costs for going with custom design swag?
    • Costs are TBD based on the specific t-shirt you choose + the design details. More complicated the design is, and the more colors are in it, higher the price would be. Having custom-design swag for each program/category seems not feasible, so you will have to pick one type of swag to distribute.
  • How much time will it take for production of new items?
    • Once the new swag orders are finalized (which usually takes a few weeks) production typically takes 3-4 weeks.
  • What will be the process like to work with the designers from Kotis?
    • Just let us know what you had in mind for the customization (ex: logo?) and we'll create some mockups that show what the design would look like on each item.

In 2023, Wikimedia tech swag program
will reward technical contributors for active participation in outreach programs, events, and software projects by giving swag. This time, we are considering a tech-themed t-shirt (last year everyone received a Wikipedia globe t-shirt), thank you card, and sticker for the following groups: GSoC & Outreachy mentors, interns, administrators, Small wiki toolkits mentors, Top 30 code contributors & reviewers, Wikimedia & Wikimania hackathon organizers.

For the t-shirt, here are some ideas:

I'm looking for more ideas for t-shirt design and individuals/groups to consider for recognition so we can get a cost estimate from the vendor. Got ideas? Drop a comment below.

If it can be useful, feel free to reuse this logo we created for the hackathon documentation sprint, that can also symbolize collaborating on tech stuff, work in progress, documentation, etc.

The images created for the 2022 Hackathon are all quite great...for Tech Swag, I think something like the Computer green image would be better than the Earth with telescope, because the computer is more tech-specific than the globe. And Hackathon building blocks is a cool and unique image.

Selected a few design ideas, and now asking Kotis to create some t-shirt designs, stickers, and card mockups based on them. Also, provide cost estimates for around 80 items for each of the designs:

srishakatux renamed this task from Kickoff project plan for swag program 2023 to Run Wikimedia tech swag program 2023.Apr 14 2023, 7:25 PM

Swag items have been delivered to all candidates. The last bit remaining here is to ensure that payment gets made to Kotis. This is a work in progress with Kotis and relevant WMF teams (Finance, Legal, etc.)