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In Montage, photographs of a juror were not added to Disqualified files as request
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I'm using Commons:Montage for a local contest of WLM.

  • I have created the Rounds (1 and 2) following the procedure and everything worked well.
  • In Round 1 I've inser the juror Pfeliciati instead of P feliciati. I have removed the wrong account and, after, inserted the right account during the voting procedure of Round 1.

What happens?: Montage have disqualified all the pictures of jurors as request, but not the pictures of P feliciati in Round 1 and in Round 2.

What should have happened instead?: This may be correct about Round 1, but absolutely not about Round 2, where the jury was clearly defined since the outset (with the right nicknames of all jurors inherited from Round 1 where Pfeliciati was removed).

Software version 22.2.22 · env

Event Timeline

I believe that the disqualifications only happen when the images are loaded for the first round. So it would be expected behavior to me that if you change the juror after creating the round, that the images from this new judge are not disqualified.
This is maybe not ideal, but I can't think of a practical way that would consistently deal with new jurors midway the process - because it could possibly involve re-assigning all images to judges if you want to disqualify some midway through a round while balancing the number of images per judge.

I partially agree with you. We cannot change the rules during a process (a round) already started. But in the following round the jurors were defined before starting.

I ask a thing: if a juror retires during the first round, its photos have to be removed in the second round, where the juror hasn't been present since the start.



Apologize me, in my opinion the problem is not the English, but my horrible explanation. I try to rewrite it:

When I add a juror in the first round, its photos have to be disqualified in the second round, where the juror has present since the start.

I'm not sure if I fully understand your request (how the rounds would tie together in your view, and what settings would apply when). What is clear, is that this is a feature request, rather than a bug report (still helpful, just making the distinction).

Feel free to post your explanation in a language other than English, if that makes it easier.

English version

Here are the facts:

  • In Round 1 I entered an user, removed him, and entered another in his place.
  • Round 1 took place and ended.
  • I activated Round 2 and Montage proposed the jurors present in Round 1 (without the removed user), asking which photos to disqualify.
  • I asked to disqualify all the jurors' photos.
  • Instead, the photos of P feliciati (the new user entered in Round 1) were present in Round 2.
  • Round 2 has the option "Disqualified files" but its value is 0.

Italian version

Di seguito i fatti:

  • Nel Round 1 ho inserito un utente, l'ho rimosso, e inserito un'altro al suo posto.
  • Il Round 1 si è svolto ed è terminato.
  • Ho attivato il Round 2 e Montage ha proposto i giurati presenti nel Round 1 (senza l'utente rimosso), chiedendo quali foto squalificare.
  • Ho chiesto di squalificare tutte le foto dei giurati.
  • Invece, le foto di P feliciati (il nuovo utente inserito nel Round 1) erano presenti nel Round 2.
  • Il Round 2 ha l'opzione "Disqualified files" ma il suo valore è pari a 0.