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Allow configurable |thumb size.
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Author: grendelkhan

Right now, Wikipedia is full of images sized to |250px or

300px because the images look incomprehensibly small at high

resolutions. The text scales up; why shouldn't the images?
Allow a user-specified thumbnail size, within some sort of
sane range. Those running on 640x480 desktops will have their
150px thumbnails, and those running on mammoth 1280x960
desktops can use 300px thumbnails along with an increased font
size so that presentation is, in general, preserved.

Alternately, allow a thumbnail size specifier that's not in
pixels; rather, it should be as a percentage of the screen's
width. How this could be reconciled with having to rescale the
images on the server end remains a mystery to me.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: enhancement



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avarab wrote:

Having configurable sizes for thumbnails would be nice, the default could be
150px still and one could choose from {150,200,250,300,350} or something like
that. However having the font scale up as well would be bad.

grendelkhan wrote:

No, no, I meant that the *user* would probably scale up the font a bit so
that the text would still be legible. (I run high-resolution, and I know I
do.) I agree, having MediaWiki do it *for* the user would be a bad idea.

grendelkhan wrote:

This should also go for the "gallery" tag. On high-resolution monitors, the
galleries look like postage stamps. Number of images per row should also be
configurable, to make the interface as flexible as possible.

avarab wrote:

Fixed in HEAD, please file a seperate bug for the gallery size as that's a
seperate issue (speaking from a developer viewpoint:=)

This would damage cachability of output. Recommend closing WONTFIX.

avarab wrote:

For reference this is not the only thing that changes the parser cache, the
other ones are:

  • math
  • stubthreshold
  • editsection
  • date
  • numberheadings
  • language
  • thumbsize
  • any extra options specified by the language file (such as the transliteration

on zh.)

dunc_harris wrote:

I think this is a very good idea,

However note that if an image is 300px wide and someone sets their default to be 400px, then
the |thumbnail| should be replaced with |frame| thus rendering it 300px wide, otherwise you'll
get nasty pixellation.

I think this indicates another bug which is that currently images smaller the |thumb| size
(180px is it?) get expanded up to that size, which often isn't nice. We can get around that by
manually editing now, but if/when this is implemented, then it'll need a more rigorous work-

dunc_harris wrote:

In addition, I would expect that we could have others, for example a |width| tag for landscape
images across the width of the screen, and even possibly a |half| tag for half the width of the
screen, &c.

dunc_harris wrote:

I don't know how or who did it, but I now think that this has been fixed.

  • Bug 6495 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***