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"Mail me a new password" does not work immediately
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Author: bugzilla.wikimedia


I just noticed (on that having a new password sent to you
does not seem to work anymore. While requesting a new password does send an
email to the registered email address with a new randomly-generated password, it
is not possible to log in using that new password - rather, attempting to do so
yields an error message about the password being invalid.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal



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zigger wrote:

The wikimedia database slaves have had some replication lags recently. Does the
emailed password work after waiting a while?

bugzilla.wikimedia wrote:

It works now. Thanks for the hint!

bugzilla.wikimedia wrote:

I think "WORKSFORME" is not really an applicable resolution here, is it? It has
been acknowledged that this is in fact a real Wikipedia problem, after all;
WORKSFORME is more meant for cases where you cannot reproduce or confirm a bug
and where you have reason to suspect that there is no actual bug after all.

Yeah, nitpicking... but I think this one should be open until bug 1268 is (that
is, can be) closed.

zigger wrote:

Re-opened, dropping priority.

Should work fine, no known problems with this. Resolving WORKSFORME.

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