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Write Airflow DAG to move the webrequest load job to airflow.
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Write the airflow DAG to migrate the webrequest load jobs to Airflow

Job Details:

Raw JSONHiveHive + Table Tests

Success Criteria:

  • Have the 2 Jobs Migrated (SLA 5 Hours)
  • This job includes archiving of results. Maybe we need to adapt the existing Airflow custom ArchiveOperator to match this job's format.
  • Job needs to be rewritten - TBD how.

Here is a list of Oozie jobs using the webrequest Oozie-datasets.

Jobs already migrated to Airflow:

  • pageview actor
  • aqs hourly
  • mobile_apps/session_metrics

Jobs defined in Oozie, but it looks like the Oozie schedule is not started:

  • apis
  • wikidata/specialentitydata_metrics
  • wikidata/articleplaceholder_metrics
  • wikidata/reliability_metrics
  • webrequest/subset
  • mobile_apps/uniques/daily
  • mediarequest/hourly

And we should make sure those jobs are still working after the migration of refine webrequest to Airflow:

  • mobile_apps/uniques/monthly
  • webrequest/druid/hourly & daily
  • learning/features/actor/hourly
  • banner activity Druid daily
  • mediacounts/load

Conclusion: We will add a SUCCESS file at the end of the Airflow dag, and the remaining Oozie jobs will be triggered properly.

Subtasks to do:

  • create HQL file to refine
  • create DAG scoped on the refine process
  • create DAG for the test cluster (this specific source is test_text)
  • add new dag task test fixtures
  • Add back from Oozie the data quality mechanism (sequence statistics tables + emails) in the Airflow dag
  • Add back from Oozie the data quality mechanism (sequence statistics tables + emails) in the HQL folder
  • Manual tests of HQL files with Spark 3 (get optimal parameters for distribution)
  • Manual tests of the Airflow DAGs on statbox
  • Review all Oozie code and salvage comments
  • Review datasets doc on Datahub & Wikitech


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repos/data-engineering/airflow-dags!260T327073_migrate_refine_webrequest_to_airflowmainaqu[Draft] Migrate refine webrequest job to Airflow
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EChetty set the point value for this task to 3.Jan 17 2023, 11:48 AM

In the description, I've added a list of jobs that look like dependencies.

Change 894661 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aqu; author: Aqu):

[analytics/refinery@master] Migrate refine webrequest to Airflow