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Not able to cancel recurring donations from Civi
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Hi team, we can't cancel donations in Civi for both Ingenico and Adyen, here's one CID example 10180731. Can you pls check into it?

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SHust triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jan 20 2023, 3:55 PM

Thanks @SHust, we're looking into this now

We can't seem to be able to update emails in the contacts as well... Not sure if this is related or not but I did add a dedupe rule 'Address and name (General)'. I'm beyond sorry if this is what caused the issue!

This is fixed. Looked to be related to a runaway dedupe rule query

| 9814612 | civicrm | - | civicrm | Query   | 2946 | Sending data | /* User : 272 */INSERT INTO civicrm_tmp_e_dedupe_70fa99ffaf063e6107a8d5aa88357006  (id1, id2, weight |    0.000 |
| 9814615 | civicrm |- | civicrm | Query   | 2948 | Sending data | /* User : 498 */INSERT INTO civicrm_tmp_e_dedupe_265a4e8e18fc9c5d0d5296cbd119588e  (id1, id2, weight |    0.000 |

After killing those queries, normal service was resumed.

Sandra said it might be related to this dedupe rule which is discussed on T326605: Dedupe query under certain rules no longer generating queries