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SphinxSearch and the display of relevance ranking (search confidence) within the search result
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Maybe it would be possible to display information about relevance ranking[1] or search confidence within the search result[2], [3]. The display might indicate a confidence about the search term and its position within the search list.

[1] or other customized rankings

[2] See includes/specials/SpecialSearch.php


[3] extensions/LuceneSearch.php

$score = wfMsg('searchscore', $percent);

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Severity: enhancement



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svemir wrote:

MW currently only allows a simple score (percentage) to be displayed. It does not seem possible to convert the weight sphinx assigns to a percentage that would have a meaning to a regular user. To understand this "percentage", you would need to have a good understanding of how sphinx calculates the weight, and even that is different for different sorting algorithms.

Things get even more complicated when custom weights are used, as we do already - we give a much higher weight to the title field.

If you have some specific ideas how to actually do this, feel free to reopen the bug with your suggestions.