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Hyperlinks are not formated correctly
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Author: dasch

When entreting something like to a property with type Link I get something like
[] as the result.
Seams to me that the URL is not handled correctly and somwhere missed to add //

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Fixed by r97188. Thanks for reporting :)

dasch wrote:

Well, I don't know where this comes from. But it seams that it's related to the changes you made. Cause now all phonenumbers have at the beginnig
there are also many other's that now have
take a look here

Should again be fixed by r97258. I didn't realize this code was also used for these data types :)

dasch wrote:

Sorry to say. But this still does not fix completly
The links are everywhere correct but they are displayed with too much slaches.
The thing is, that the ShowProperty Special displays the Links with even more slashes then the factbox