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New VictorOps user request for kappakayala
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Email address:
Team: SRE Service Ops

I would like to get access to VictorOPS to setup for on-call notifications. Please let me know if you need any further details from my end in this regard.


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Aklapper renamed this task from New VictorOps user request to New VictorOps user request for kappakayala.Feb 21 2023, 10:32 PM

[off-topic] Hi and welcome @Kappakayala! Assuming that you are a WMF staff member and plan to use this Phabricator account in staff capacity, can you please link your WMF staff wiki account to your Phabricator account? It currently links to a self-created wiki account instead. This would require logging into Phabricator via LDAP, removing the current wiki account, and adding the correct wiki account. If some team onboarding docs were unclear about this, improving them would also be very appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @Kappakayala

The invitation should be in your inbox, and you were also invited to the SRE team; meanwhile, this could answer some introductory questions:

resolving the task, please reopen if you encounter any issues. Thanks!