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Telugu fonts problem in WP Cleaner
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Sun, Feb 26, 5:06 PM
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  • Use WPCleaner version 2.05 (August 26, 2022)
  • Use Windows 11
  • Log in using a account
  • Click "Preload disambiguation pages" button
  • After clicking "yes" in the next dialog box, a window appears showing the list of disambiguation pages.

What happens?:

  • On this page the names of the pages in Telugu are shown as square boxes.
  • Double Click any of the page names (Series of square boxes).
  • A window appears again with two panes
    • The Window title shows the Telugu name of the Page perfectly
    • The left navigation pane which is supposed to show the pages names, shows series of square boxes
    • The details pane which is supposed to show the contents of the selected page, shows Telugu text, but the characters are broken. I can best explain "Broken" as below:
      • When I write "aatrEya" in Roman text, it is normally transliterated and displayed as "ఆత్రేయ". But WPCleaner shows the same as "ఆతేర్‌య" This can be reverse transliterated as "aatEr^ya" (Here "^" is used to insert a "zero width non-joiner).


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Hi @Chaduvari

I tried something, can you see if it changes anything ?

First go in the options in WPCleaner, in the Formatting pane, you should see a place to select the font for the editor (you must already have set it to a font compatible with telugu) and a new option to select the font for other places : can you set it to the same font as the editor ?

Then, can you click on Preload disambiguation pages, then Yes : is there any difference in the window with the list of pages ?

Hi @NicoV
I tried that, but there is no change. The names of the pages appeared as square boxes as before.
I did this:

  1. In options --> formatting --> Set other fonts to Gautami (same as editor font)
  2. Restarted the application
  3. Went to Preload disambiguation pages.


Hi @Chaduvari

I tried to make a new version that changes all the fonts with the other font specified in the options. Any change ?

Hi @Chaduvari , I've just tried my last option, but I don't manage to make it work on my end. You can try yourself if you see any difference, but I doubt it will work...

With the other font option, you can now change the font used for all texts in WPCleaner, but the Gautami font behaves differently than most others, and I don't know why.
Java doesn't see it as a new family name for the font, so it puts it as Dialog font (the basic type for Java I think).

If it doesn't work, I have no other idea to fix this.

@NicoV, it worked partially.
No boxes now - Telugu text appears, but it is broken.
It can be managed to some extent. Screenshot attached here.
Thanks for your help.

2023-03-09.png (1×1 px, 159 KB)

@Chaduvari, at least, it's a good first step having the Gautami font used everywhere for you.

On my own computer it's not working, so I'm going on blind, which is not very easy for me. I need you to do a test :

  • Open a page in WPCleaner where you see the broken text
  • Edit the same page directly in your browser and copy the text from your browser into WPCleaner edit area

What is the result ?

  • If you see the text correctly, then it's probably the text retrieval by WPCleaner that's incorrect
  • If you see the same problem, then it's probably the rendering itself
NicoV changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Fri, Mar 10, 3:51 PM

@NicoV, I tried pasting a fresh Telugu text in the edit area of WPCleaner. Problem is same - This text is also shown broken like the original text.

@Chaduvari , so it seems to be a rendering problem.

Trying to narrow down the problem... Do you get the same result if you paste the text somewhere else than the main edit area ? For example, in the page name field in the main window ?

@NicoV, I pasted the text in the page name field of the main window. There also it is showing broken text.
And, I copied the broken text from edit window of WPCleaner and pasted the same in Tewiki edit box in the browser and it is showing correctly, no broken text there. Hope this helps.


It really seems to be a Java rendering problem, not really related to WPCleaner. I don't see what I can do on my side. The only thing I can suggest for the moment is that you try another font than Gautami to render Telugu text, maybe Noto Sans Telugu ? You need to download the family, extract the .ttf files from the zip and install them before being able to select them in WPCleaner (and restart)

@NicoV I tried with several other fonts including Noto Sans Telugu. These fonts are not rendered at all - only square boxes are shown in all the places - edit area, pages list on the navigation pane, main screen page. Even the Wiki name is also shown as boxes. Gautami is the best option so far. I will go with that.

Thanks for all the efforts that you put to resolve the issue. Hope we will get a solution soon.

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