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Commons search for "finger" shows unexpected NSFW search results
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This is the result of a search for "finger" on Commons, requesting file type GIF; the user was apparently hoping to find an image of someone "giving the finger":


I don't know what is going on behind the scenes here, but an innocuous search term should not result in displaying a set of sexually explicit videos. It seems to me that this is an inappropriate enough result that it should be treated on the same priority as a bug.

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Thanks for reporting this. Please do not set the "Discovery-Search (Current work)" tag as it's up to teams what they plan to work on. Thanks.

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@Jmabel, thanks for the report. Note that file type gif on Commons makes it much more likely that you'll get NSFW results, just because of the distribution of NSFW images and file types. (NSFW media seems to be more likely to be animated (gif or video) than SFW media.)

Interestingly, checking the results today, the NSFW results are less prominent than they were before—though a couple are still right there.