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Thumbs with left align disappear on next edit
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Author: mattrobs

When inserting an auto-thumbnailed image with left align and specific width and
entering into an *section specific* edit box, if you try to edit that section
again, the image code will have disappeared.

This will be a problem when one wants to edit a section, the left aligned image
code will no show and their edit will unneccessarily overwrite the image.

Example of code: [[image:graphicname.jpg||thumb||240px||left||caption text]]

Real live example of code: :: Note the
image aligned on the left, besides the 'leg drop' heading. If you try to edit
that section, the code will not be there

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Update the filename of the spark3 yarn shuffler jarrepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!29btullisupdate_spark3_yarn_jar_filenamemain
Update the spark3 yarn shuffler jar filerepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!27btullisadd_spark3_yarn_shufflemain
Release version 0.0.15repos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!26btullisrelease_v_0.0.15main
Revert the release of version 0.0.14 one final timerepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!25btullisrevert_0.0.14_one_final_timemain
Undo release 0.0.14 againrepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!24btullisrevert_0.0.14main
Revert another version 0.0.15 reference.repos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!23btullisrevert_stray_0.0.15_refmain
Revert the changes for release version 0.0.14repos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!22btullisrevert_release_0.0.14main
Fix incorrect package version valuesrepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!21btullisfix_incorrect_version_infomain
Add the spark3 yarn shuffler jar to conda-analyticsrepos/data-engineering/conda-analytics!20btullisadd_spark3_shuffler_jarmain
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jeluf wrote:

As you wrote in your notice:

Note 2: There should be an image above the 'leg drop' headin

The image is at the end of section "Knee drop". You have to edit that section to
see the image.