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Make AbuseFilter action reverting easier
Open, Needs TriagePublic


It would be good to have a "revert" button next to the "examine" button in the log details interface in order to revert the actions of a false positive.

Currently, in order to revert AbuseFilter actions using the "abusefilter-revert" right it is necessary to go in the filter editing interface, click on "Revert actions taken by this filter", select the timeline of the actions to revert and then click the button to revert. This is quite annoying if we only want to revert the actions of one trigger.

Sysops can just unblock the user in Special:Unblock or restore their rights in Special:UserRights with the links in the Sidebar or the user's contributions page. However, users who have the "abusefilter-revert" right, but not the rights to block or manage user groups (eg. AbuseFilter editors in eswiki) need to follow the procedure described in the previous paragraph, so having an easier way to fix errors would be convenient.