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Ionian Wikithon 2023
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Task to keep track ofΒικιπαίδεια:Ionian_Wikithon_2023, a Wikimedia prehackathon scheduled to be held in Corfu in May 2023


  • Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
  • NMS Lab of Ionian University

Organizing Team:

  • Marios Magioladitis, president of the Wikimedia Community Greece and long standing Wikipedian
  • Dr. Dimitrios Ringas, Lab Teaching Staff, Dept. of Informatics, Ionian University
  • Dr. Eleni Christopoulou, Lab Teaching Staff, Dept. of Informatics, Ionian University


Project lead: @Magioladitis
Communications manager:
Social liaison:
Program manager: @Eleni.Christopoulou
Volunteer coordinator: @Eleni.Christopoulou
Participant manager:
Technical coordinator: @DimitriosRingas
Venue logistics coordinator: @DimitriosRingas
Sponsors manager:

ToDo list (feel free to add new items and volunteer for each task):

  • create the Ionian Wikithon 2023 page in mediawiki - Done (@Eleni.Christopoulou)
  • define the final dates for various sessions: Monday 29/5/2023 and (Friday 23/6/2023) we need a NEW date due to elections.
  • prepare publicity material (posters/banners/texts for various media): posters/banners done (@DimitriosRingas)
  • prepare publicity material texts for various media: Δελτία τύπου (@Magioladitis )
  • prepare learning material: Οδηγίες για τη δημιουργία λογαριασμού στη Wikipedia / Intro to Wikipedia and Wikitext (markup language) / Intro to Wikidata / Intro to SPARQL / Transform Prof. Stefanidakis project to tutorial / ...?
  • prepare tasks for prizes: e.g. Wikidata Game / CEE Spring 2023 (?) / SPARQL data challenge / bot (?) / ... ?

Event on 29th of May

7 May 2023 - organising team meeting
10 May 2023 - Presentation on "Wikimedia platforms and tools" to PhD and MSc students of Dept. of Informatics (@Magioladitis)
15 May 2023 - Presentation on "Promoting Culture and Tourism via Wikidata Entities" (@DimitriosRingas & @Eleni.Christopoulou)

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Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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