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Preventing Wiki Link Spam
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I'm not terribly sure what this would be but I'd consider it a big
enhancement/fix. Currently, as most of us know, the MediaWiki software is a
popular target among spammers for dropping their links into pages. Logon-only
sites have this problem too, as accounts are created and then used to spam.
While there is a MediaWiki spam fix, which blocks most of it, there's another
fix now from google.

The idea, mentioned at:, is to add
ref="nofollow" to external links automatically. This means that there's no
profit, as even if the spam does get placed there and stays there long enough
for google to see it, it's not profitable.

If this could be included in mediawiki so that links were changed to NoFollow if
they aren't interwiki/intrawiki links, that may be a boon for the fight against

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Already included for REL1_4 . Have a look at the next beta :o) wrote:

Wow, there was no bug on it and google only announced it yesterday, and it's
picked up by /. today. That's probably the fastest turnaround ever.