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Have UploadWizard show users the metadata (which File: pages show) before they finalize uploading
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Feature summary and use case: When uploading a file to Commons with UploadWizard, there is a scary warning "Personal data: EXIF metadata in this file may contain location or other personal data [...]" This implies the file does contain such identifying metadata, and that a privacy-minded user would be better off not uploading that file. After it's been uploaded, the File: page has a box at the bottom showing the metadata, which is often just the resolution or other non-identifying things. I'd like UploadWizard to show users this metadata before they finalize their upload (like the form already shows e.g. a preview/thumbnail of the image before they finalize uploading).

Benefit: Being able to see what metadata is present would allow users to A) decide "oh, dpc is not identifying" and not be scared off from uploading the file by the big (but inapplicable) warning, and/or B) notice when a file does have identifying metadata, and go use one of the already-linked-to Exif removal tools on it before uploading it.

Related task: I believe this is distinct from T22326, since that one asks to code a new ability to remove metadata, whereas this only requests to take the already-existing functionality of "show what metadata is present", which is already used on File: pages once something has been uploaded, and also display it during the upload process prior to the Publish stage.

Small discussion:'re_uploading