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fawikisource change author from مؤلف to پدیدآورنده
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Author: tahmoress

We (the Admins of Fa Wikisource) discussed the Persian language version related to the term "author", presently "author" is translated as "مؤلف" which the roots lies in Arabic language and the writing is difficult for Persian users. In the copyright law of Iran the term "پدیدآورنده" is used for creator of a work. At this stage, we would like to use this broader Persian term. Could you please replace "مؤلف" with "پدیدآورنده"


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tahmoress wrote:

To clarify the request I would like to add that the word پدیدآورنده (padidavarandeh = means creator of a work) is a broader term and is in Persian language. Pedram Salehpoor the other Admin of Wikisource Farsi has also agreed to change presently used مؤلف (Moalef = writer of prosa text) to پدیدآورنده. I would be thankful if you could process my request.

Bellavista1957 Admin Farsi Wikisource. wrote:

Yes, we need to be changed from مؤلف to پدیدآورنده

What is the talk variant for this page?

		102 => 'مؤلف',
		103 => 'بحث_مؤلف',

Changing just one seems very strange/counter-intuitive, so it would make sense to change both, then add the old ones as aliases so they continue working

Are the following ones ok?

		102 => 'پدیدآورنده',
		103 => 'بحث_پدیدآورنده',

tahmoress wrote:

102 => 'پدیدآورنده' is Ok.

103 => 'بحث_پدیدآورنده' is not Ok.

The correct variant for the talk_discussion is

103 =>گفتگو_پدیدآورنده

To explain

گفتگو = Discussion

پدیدآورنده = Author

The word " بحث" is Arabic not Farsi

on the upper margins of Wikisource Farsi, we use already "گفتگو" for discussion.