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bot created wrong article without references
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What is happening?:
Bot hallucinate a bus line 719 and input as references two websites where such bus line is not present (since it doesn't exist)

What should happen instead?:
Page needs to be deleted

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Vahurzpu added a subscriber: Vahurzpu.

Looking at the page history InternetArchiveBot didn't do anything wrong here; it just added an archive URL to a dead link, like it's supposed to do. If the bus line doesn't currently exist, edit the article to say so. If it never did, you can nominate it for deletion and take it up with Argenbart, the person who created the page back in 2014‎. In any case, this isn't a software bug.

Thank you for your prompt action.
True, is not InternetArchiveBot fault.
Thanks for the suggested next actions to take in order to get rid of this article.