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paws deploying from tf in eqiad1
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There is code, but it has not been employed, to deploy paws from terraform in codfw1dev. Do a full deploy there using terraform now that terraform should be able to deploy magnum clusters.

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# openstack_containerinfra_cluster_v1.k8s_123_5 will be updated in-place
~ resource "openstack_containerinfra_cluster_v1" "k8s_123_5" {
      id                  = "b66cbe7d-9f51-472f-af50-2849fa9e6559"
      name                = "paws-123-5"
    ~ node_count          = 1 -> 3
      # (22 unchanged attributes hidden)


Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2023-06-30T18:48:14Z] <Rook> terraform working in eqiad1 T340836