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'=' character in template shorthand variable
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Author: sanford.poon

Any parameter values that consists of the character '=' will not work using the
{{templatename|parvalue1|parvalue2}} shorthand. For example calling Template:TTT
(consists of just {{{1}}}{{{2}}}) with {{TTT|a=b|c}} gives c{{{2}}}. This may or
may not be a bug. The workaround is to use {{TTT|1=a=b|2=c}}, which gives a=bc

The proper parsing of "=" is needed for external links which often consists of
HTTP GET arguments.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


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By calling the template with:

You are asking the template engine to assign the value 'b' to {{{a}}}
which does not exit, then it assign value 'c' to the {{{1}}}.

Result 'c{{{2}}}' is indeed correct. Probably need to update the
documentation to let users know that they need to use the long
syntax when they want to use a parameter with the equal sign.

gangleri wrote:

*** Bug 4455 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***