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Create on-wiki content for the "Best practices for maintaining bots and tools" workshop
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Create on-wiki materials - a workshop handbook and a self-study guide - for the "Best practices for maintaining bots and tools" small wiki toolkits workshop.

Recording, slides, and notes for this workshop are available on Meta. Additional materials are available on Wikitech.

If you are new to writing documentation, you might want to read the information for new technical writers and look around technical documentation resources first.

To learn about writing workshop handbooks and self-study guides, see the template pages:

If you need inspiration, you can use the existing workshop materials as a starting point: Pywikibot workshop materials. This is also where you should move the self-study guide and workshop handbook when they're ready.

For more context, see T327282 and its subtasks.

The best way to approach this task is to familiarize yourself with the original small wiki toolkits workshop on Meta and the additional materials on Wikitech. After that, you can start creating the workshop handbook based on the content of the workshop, the template, examples, and other materials. Then, you can try to boil that handbook down to self-study instructions.

Feel free to split this task into separate sub-tasks if you prefer.