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Upgrade of Incident Reporting project meta page
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As we're getting closer to releasing our first iteration of the Incident Reporting System, we need to upgrade our meta page to reflect the learnings and plans.


  • Put up notice for the community that we'll be making changes (@STei-WMF is no longer sure of the timelines for this task; the following best method to notify the community is to ensure efficient redirects are put in place to help the community find the moved pages.
  • Remove the word "Private" from the project name (A phab task T345129 has been filed for a system admin to handle this as it can't be done via @STei-WMF's interface.)
  • Review current version of the meta page and draft changes that incorporate current plans
  • Review proposed changes with T&S team to ensure alignment
  • Publish upgrade

Event Timeline

I have filed a phab ticket for the renaming to be done ( as the project page is a translatable page consisting of over 500 pages. Such moves are done by filling a Phabricator task so a system administrator can perform the page move on my behalf.